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In Loving Memory - Matthew Mezza

Updated: Sep 12

January 14, 2011

On January 14, 2011 Matthew Solomon Mezza inexplicably took steps to end his life and passed away the next morning. He was only 14 years old. Matthew enjoyed math, science, creative writing and drawing. He played many sports and two months before his death he made the Santa Monica High Baseball team and was drafted as a pitcher.

He was active at his synagogue Youth Group and on Sundays he volunteered as a teaching assistant at the religious school.

Matthew’s suicide came as a complete shock to his family, friends and teachers. He loved hanging out with his family and he maintained friendships that spanned from preschool and kindergarten all the way to high school. Matthew exhibited all of the most treasured human qualities and was recognized and admired for his kindness, generosity of spirit, eternal optimism and his passion for working to make the world a better place. The Matthew Mezza Memorial Fund was created by his family to support Teen Line’s outreach programs in his memory.

Donations received: $189,067.75

Raised by 805 donors

Recent Donations

Tamar Toister

May 30, 2022

May Matthew's memory be a blessing

Larry and Roberta Zalkind

Gary & Ileese Schneir

James Bernstein

Deborah Blum

Susan Rabinovitz & Curren Warf

Debbie Lauterbach and Paul Abrams

Marsha Zvonkin

Anne Thelma Geffner

Beverly Zalkind

Karen Schetina

Pamela and Larry Cedar

Nina Lieberman

Aparna Voleti

Jerry Zevin

Sherry Gold

Joan Croker

Natalie Topel

Linda Lebovitz

Rita and Jerry Schneir

Michelle Rotberg

Humberto Benitez

Julie Taren

Judith Meister

Anne Thelma Geffner

Alan and Judy Stocker

Leslie Cusack

Robin Lev

Linda Lebovitz

Gary Schneir

Dori Friedman

Robin Bernstein

Linda Lebovitz

Deborah Maddis

Nina Lieberman

Linda Lebovitz

Linda Lebovitz

Diane Ballen

Gerald Bayete

Rita Schneir

Linda Lebovitz

Dori Friedman

Ellie Schnier

Lorelai Kude

Karen Barton-Maycock

Dori Kenneally

Stephanie Bronson

Leslie Parker

Ellen Moss Brown

James Bernstein

Jane McCord

Susan Rabinovitz & Curren Warf

Laura Brumfield

Rita Raygosa

Elijah Lax

Deborah Lauterbach

Iris Takashima

Joan Croaker

Felicia Mizrahi

Linda Lebovitz

Linda Lebovitz

Linda Lebovitz

Sherry Gold

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