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In Loving Memory - Elliot Brabson

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Since 1980, Teen Line has been about teens helping teens and your support continues a legacy that is over three decades long.

All donations made in memory of Elliot Brabson will allow Teen Line to:

  • Keep the communication lines open for teens that call, text and email our teen to teen hotline every year.

  • Provide a training program for over 60 teens each year that not only allows them to help their peers on the hotline, but also helps train them to be our future community leaders and mental health ambassadors.

  • Go directly into schools and community groups to reach teens and educators in order to get the conversation started about stigmatized teen issues, teach coping strategies and provide support resources.

  • Train mental health professionals on how to recognize and address the warning signs of depression and suicide, as well as build resilience in adolescent youth.

Since Teen Line operates without government support, none of this would be possible without your assistance. Thank you for your contribution that helps us to provide these valuable services.

**When donating in memory of Elliot, please choose “Memorial Gift” on the Donate page. Your donation will be added to this page shortly**

Donations received: $31,935

Raised by 135 donors

Recent Donations

Tye Shabani

$250 - March 18, 2021

Gail Draper

Kori Jones

Betsy Hoffman

Bhargavi Sylbert

The Alberini Family Fund

Neal Roden

Samantha Lloyd

Sandy Valenzuela

Jackie Nielsen

Constance Walsh

Steve Gutierrez

Emily Eisenberg

Lori Cowley

Lori Valenzuela

K.P. Anderson

Ian Caine

Allison Ceppi

Joseph Shabani

Adriana Abrego

Peter Rose

Panna Gattyan

Amy Bass

Gennadiy Vilchik

Gina Sands

William & Tracy McCutchen and Family

Jodi Coleman

Jessie & Joe Gutgsell Dodson

Emily Howard-Gant

The Worchell Family

Ofelia Kumpf

Kristina Boudreau

Kelly Spirer

Jane Gambardella

Jim Howard

Tesa Bible Brown

Drew and Lisa Sweeney

Kristin Woxland Golla

Sheila Gennow

Lloys Frates

Fitz Madrid

Lyle Reeb

Susan Kari$250 - February 16, 2018

Virginia Bristol

Jodynne Wood

Susan Massie

Kristine Stebbins

Nina Ruscio

Dennis David

Matthew Clement

Meghan and Chris Hunt

Nicole Rodriguez

Eric Wilker

Edgar Bristol

Dorothy Stingley

Katie Killean and Family

Leila Gerstein and Nate DiMeo

Eugenia Kirchner

Marlene King

Valerie Weitzer

Theodore Hamory

Cherylon Merritt

Neil Rocklin

Kathleen Laccinole

Robyn Leuthe Norris

Melissa Watts

Elizabeth McDougall

Nancy Porter

Susan Fuller

H John Walter III

James Busby

Golnaz Duncan

Scott Cooper

Paul Winge

Nikolaus Walter

Drew Rosenberg

Jennifer Wady

Joseph S. Rhodes

H Park

Steve Eddy

Nicole Dix

Lilit Grigoryan

The Koehler Family


Jonathan Unger

Karri Miles

Brian Rector

Nicholas Astor

Selam Taye

Joan Spinelli

Alyssa and Eliana Stanford

Sarah Haskins

Karina Glosman

Cortney Novogratz


Annette Iversen


Mitchell Kohn

Joan Steen

Melony Huber

Sarah Stehman

Suzanne Ross

Mary McCloud

Terence Winter

Erica Garces

Pat T

Gail Draper

Sean Feller

Jeremy Richards

Victoria Marks

Kerre Gutierrez

Pamela Jensen

Caroline Novack

Mary & Vince Gutierrez

Mark D’Alessio

Georgina Balian

D Sloane

Denise Genova

Jodi Korn

Sarah Lemoine

Lisa Citron

Rong Wu

Beth Corets

Tammy Sherer

Eve Makoff

Julie Carter

Dawn Tartakovsky

Bill Vigil

Maxwell Bogdanoff

Minnie Driver

Miles Estes

Alexander Nistratov


Katie Killean

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