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For Schools and Youth Organizations

Teen Line has the unique ability to connect with teenagers because teens form the core of our organization … they speak the same language. Our team has over 40 years of experience offering teenagers a “safe haven” – a place to talk things out with another teen in a nurturing and non-judgmental environment.

Learn more here how we can partner to bring our trainings and outreach presentations to your school or organization and additional resources to support your organization.

For Parent &Educators

Trainings for schools, organizations, and law enforcement to help you understand teen issues and give you the resources you need.

For Teens in Schools 

Teen Line provides trainings for teens in different topics including healthy relationships, suicide prevention, among many others.

Youth Yellow Pages (YYP)

A resource guide for teens and schools with all the resources, information, and list of services you need.

How can our trainings help you?

  • To Raise Awareness. Mental health knowledge is associated with increased help seeking behavior in youth. 87% of youth who attended a Teen Line Outreach Program reported having a better understanding of teen issues.

  • To Destigmatize. Stigma surrounding mental health continues to be a major deterrent from seeking help for mental health conditions in youth. Contact with someone with mental illness is strongly associated with less stigmatizing attitudes. 

  • To Connect with Peers. 34% of 9th grade students in CA experienced chronic sadness or hopelessness in the last year. Only 52% of California High School students felt like a part of the school. Our outreach gets students to speak and relate to one another and foster connections.

What do I need to access Teen Line Trainings?

  • Be sure to  fill out our application form here. Submission of  the outreach form is not confirmation of booking. You will be contacted by our Outreach Coordinator to confirm details.

  • All our trainings are free.

  • We are currently offering in-person and virtual trainings. 

  • All participants must have access to an online meeting space (Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams).

  • Trainings  are tailored to accommodate different schedules and populations. 

  • Sessions have an average duration of 45 minutes. 

For additional questions, please email For information about parent trainings, please visit our parents page.

For Parents & Educators

Our trainings for parents and educators are designed to help you understand teen issues, teach coping skills, help youth identify their support network, and give you helpful resources. Presentations are tailored to accommodate your organization needs and have an average duration of 45 minutes. Find below a list of the presentations we have available. Click here for trainings for teens.

Fill out our trainings form to submit a training request. Submission of the form is not confirmation of booking.  Is there a topic you would like to see here? Or do you have any additional questions? Contact us at

Schools and organizations
One-On-One Tutoring

Trainings for Parents and Educators.

How to Communicate with your Teen?

How to Comply with AB2246

This workshop will help caregivers better understand what it means to be a teen and why teens might not want to share their feelings with adults.  Active listening and other strategies for improving communication with their teens will be explored.

When to Worry?

This workshop will discuss “typical” versus worrisome teen behavior.  Caregivers will learn what to look for, how to talk to their teens about their concerns, and what they can do.

A training to teach your organization the required core components of suicide prevention, including, but not limited to: suicide risk factors, warning signs, and protective factors, how to talk with a student about thoughts of suicide, how to respond appropriately to youth with suicidal thoughts, the importance of reducing stigma of mental illness, and reinforcing that prevention and early intervention are linked to reduction in suicide

Teen Suicide Prevention - Training for Law Enforcement

This presents the warning signs of teen suicide and how best for officers to interact with teens in crisis and their families.

For Teens in Schools

You can bring Teen Line to your school or youth organization to provide trainings for teens in different topics including healthy relationships, suicide prevention, among many others.

Fill out our trainings form if you would like Teen Line to come to your school or organization. Submission of the form is not confirmation of booking. 

Find below our most popular trainings. Is there a topic you would like to see here? Or do you have any additional questions? Contact us at

What is Teen Line and how can we help?

 Learn more about Teen Line and volunteer opportunities. We discuss difficult teen issues such as depression, self harm, suicide, anxiety, and stress. Learn coping skills, how to identify a support network, and how to reach out for help.

Healthy Relationships

What makes a healthy relationship? We discuss the importance of communication and boundaries, how to support others experiencing abuse and provide additional resources for youth.

Gender Identities and Sexual Orientation

What are the differences between gender identity and sexual orientation? What does LGBTQ stands for? We will discuss what it means to be an ally, including how to give and get support.

Suicide Prevention

This 1.5 hour training helps organizations working with youth to recognize, assess and manage suicide risk. Participants will learn the warning signs of depression and suicide, how to help a youth who is depressed and/or suicidal and how to access appropriate help.


Youth Yellow Pages

Youth Yellow Pages helps you find the resources available to schools and teens in Southern California. Here you will find a list of agencies, resources, information, and services you need.


Almost all of the agencies listed guarantee your confidentiality when you call them. This means that they will not tell other people what you talk about. If you want to make sure that the agency will keep your conversation private, simply ask them when you first call, “Will this conversation be confidential?”

Download YYP for iOS here >

Download YYP for android here >

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